Hello, Rocky here! It's nice to 'meet' you. Um..a little about me...I'm a 20 something just out here on the web, hiding in your wifi. I use he/they pronouns in English. What else...I'm a Gemini and my favorite color is pink and uhhh....hmm. I'm also an e-minister for hire, an aspiring notary public for the state of California (for the lols), and a fishmonger in my dreams. My academic interests are mostly on sociology and feminist studies!

Here are my socials. Check out my Twitter and my Instagram, although IG sucks and my Twitter is just for goofing w the friends. My Tumblr is where I reblog funny and engaging posts, and I'm fairly active. You can get my gay rights miku sticker on my Redbubble. DM me on Twit or Tumblr for my Discord! I'd love to make more friends.