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Site Gardener
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Nicknames  Roccie, Panpan
Location      Yellowstone, SB, LA
Socials       1 Twitter
                      2 Tumblr
                      3 Instagram
                      4 Youtube
Other           Redbubble
Rocky Yan is a 20 year old illustrator and multimedia creator. They use he/hymn/his and they/them/theirs pronouns. He was born in June, making hymn a Gemini. Originally from Hong Kong, they moved to California when he was 4, making hymn part of the 0.5 Generation and of the Chinese diaspora.
They are currently an undergraduate student at UC Santa Barbara, working towards their major in Sociology, with a minor in LGBTQ Studies. However, his true passion is graphic design and character illustration. Rocky has experience with the Adobe Creative Suite and has a range of skills in video editing, flyer design, and more. They are currently employed as a media intern, but are open for commissions (see here.)
This website serves as a digital garden/blog/pet project for hymn, demonstrating their abilities in illustration, basic coding, and design. It features other branches of their interests, including tarot readings and meanings; dream documentation alongside experimental poetry; and as a curation/archive for his own accomplishments.
Gardener's Talk
so. yeah. i'm rocky, im a nonbinary minecraft boy and i might be bisexual might be straight who knows! definitely a gay bastard doing crimes tho. i'm chinese-american. i'm from socal. i've got major baby energy. wanna know anything else? gimme your social security # and credit card # first.
  • favorite meme song: temporary secretary
  • favorite pokemon: giratina
  • favorite gender: my friend's genders
  • favorite kind of youtube videos: asmr
  • favorite socially acceptable activity: making spotify playlists
  • favorite color: pink..ouaghhhh
  • favorite chat platform: discord (ask me for this if u want i promise i dont bite)
If you're at all interested in the following items, you should definitely ask me for my discord/hit me up on Twitter because I think we could be good friends:
  • minecraft
  • otome no teikoku/other niche lgbtq mangas
  • 17776, 20020, and blaseball
  • simping for me and giving me free money
  • sims 4, specifically watching each other make sims
  • dead by daylight
  • being a mentor for a young attractive college student
Of course, there's a DNI list because I did migrate from tumblr. and also i don't think i'm asking for a lot here. do NOT interact with me if you are:
  • racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, and other dogshit human being traits
  • over 45 and like, not one of my relatives
  • the type of person to expect responses right away lmao
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