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Site Gardener
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Nicknames  Roccie, Panpan
Location      Yellowstone, SB, LA
Socials       1 Twitter
                      2 Tumblr
                      3 Instagram
                      4 Youtube
Other           Redbubble
Rocky Yan is a 20 year old illustrator and multimedia creator. They use he/hymn/his and they/them/theirs pronouns. He was born in June, making hymn a Gemini. Originally from Hong Kong, they moved to California when he was 4, making hymn part of the 0.5 Generation and of the Chinese diaspora.
They are currently an undergraduate student at UC Santa Barbara, working towards their major in Sociology, with a minor in LGBTQ Studies. However, his true passion is graphic design and character illustration. Rocky has experience with the Adobe Creative Suite and has a range of skills in video editing, flyer design, and more. They are currently employed as a media intern, but are open for commissions (see here.)
This website serves as a digital garden/blog/pet project for hymn, demonstrating their abilities in illustration, basic coding, and design. It features other branches of their interests, including tarot readings and meanings; dream documentation alongside experimental poetry; and as a curation/archive for his own accomplishments.
Gardener's Talk
so. yeah. i'm rocky, im a nonbinary minecraft boy and i might be bisexual might be straight who knows! definitely a gay bastard doing crimes tho. i'm chinese-american. i'm from socal. i've got zest for life, despite all that i put on my website! wanna know anything else? gimme your social security # and credit card # first.
If you're at all interested in the following items, you should definitely ask me for my discord/hit me up on Twitter because I think we could be good friends:
  • minecraft
  • playing some tabletop RPGS
  • otome no teikoku/other niche lgbtq mangas
  • 17776, 20020, and other indie internet works
  • sims 4, specifically watching each other make sims
  • dead by daylight
  • 1. Top 3 favorite songs at the moment: pussy poppin by rico nasty; heat waves by glass animals; sunflower by rex orange county
  • 2. Current fashion/aesthetic: i'm really into techwear but i also love ribbed turtlenecks atm!
  • 3. Favorite season: summer because my brain is big and so is my dick
  • 4. Left handed or right handed: right handed
  • 5. Favorite thing you like about yourself: my confidence in being awkward
  • 6. Favorite manga at the moment: PLEASE READ GOLDEN KAMUY
  • 7. Pet peeves: oh i couldn't say right now, i'm pretty chill i think
  • 8. Favorite and least favorite subjects in school: i'm enjoying conversational analysis but abhoring development theory hehe
  • 9. Plans for the future: go on a road trip of all 50 states
  • 10. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go: mmm i'd love to explore the deep sea...mariana's trench is one hole i'd like to dive in wink wink
  • 11. What celebrity do you look up to: honestly none. celebrity worship will rot your brains
  • 12. Who/what makes you smile regardless: miss hatsune miku ❤️
  • 13. Favorite song lyrics: "I still wanna be your favorite boy; I wanna be the one that makes your day; The one you think about as you lie awake"
  • 14. Favorite movie: mmmm farewell my concubine because i love being sad
  • 15. What is the worst thing someone could do to you? uh. next question.
  • 16. What pets do you have/want to have: i'd love to have a cat but i can barely take care of myself atm
  • 17. Describe your day today: my days are generally just me sitting in front of a screen...sometimes i go get boba tho
  • 18. Night owl or morning bird: night owl for sure. i love early mornings but i stay up too late to wake up before 1pm
  • 19. Favorite musical artist: maybe mitski at the moment? or dorian electra
  • 20. How old are you: hehehehehee
  • 21. Where are you from: proud azn american *emphasis on the asian
  • 22. What are a few things on your bucket list: road trip thru the US, go skydiving, go to six flags
  • 23. Do you have/want any tattoos: i want a tattoo of a koi fish that matches w my mom and sister and also a dragon creeping around my clavicle
  • 24. Do you have/want any piercings: pierced ears, but i want more to be cool
  • 25. What do you hate most about yourself: damn son. haha most things. maybe how cringe i can be sometimes lol?
  • 26. What does your last text message say: "lol ok"
  • 27. What would you name your future daughter/son: not related but if i had a dog i'd call her homonculus, homo for short
  • 28. What are you listening to right now: 3 nights by dominic fike
  • 29. What is the last book you read: wow uhhhh social movements: the structure of collective mobilization by paul almeida
  • 30. Favorite food: crabs!! cooked in guangdong styles ofc hehe south china represent
  • 31. Cats or dogs: both but cats just a little bit more hehe
  • 32. Introverted or extroverted: mmm depends on my mood, but as i get older i find that i like being alone more
  • 33. What is your zodiac sign: gemini sun capricorn moon cancer rising i think
  • 34. Lucky number: 19!!!
  • 35. Gender: uhhh nonbinary something or other. i'm like those anime boys that people mistake for girls but without the whole fetishizing trans women aspect. i'm a guy that's really good at some girl things
  • 36. What’s the last thing you watched on Netflix: lol forensic files it's my favorite netflix show even tho i think it's kinda shitty to make shows about true crime
  • 37. When is your birthday: woah you don't need to know that. ask me for my amazon wishlist if u really wanna know
  • 38. If you could, what celebrity would you want to meet? mitski...i know i said celebrities suck but i'd still wanna meet her
  • 39. Last concert you went to? ;u; my high school band concerts
  • 40. Favorite holiday: summer vacation lol
  • 41. Favorite animal: DRAGONS or uhhh hmm i'm fond of lizards and frogs too
  • 42. What’s your relationship status: single i guess? my love life is tragicomic rn
  • 43. What do you want to be/do when you grow up: i'm already a legal adult but i hope i'm happy in the future
  • 44. What would you do if you won the lottery: oooh get a hitman on some very rich capitalists hehe. jk probs invest and try to do good deeds
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