I. lunar affects
you told me, 'people only wanted me because i was convenient'
and i wanted to HOWL my rage to the moon
snarling and seething, i tasted the hunt in my mouth
i craved blood the color of marionberries
you are not convenient
	i rip the fur from my scalp, fine hairs falling falling falling
	straining against sharp steel chainlinks barbed wire fence 
you are the airlessness of the moon
	the eternal dance of the lunar hares tantalizing my senses
	senses sharpening fangs ready for a taste
i run in circles to reach you,
you, you, you 
	are the zero-gravity of space and i am a black hole, 
desperately grasping for you, pulling and ripping at the atoms 
	until we both become black matter
	until my molars sink into your pale flesh
	until the world ends with you and i
i, i, i
for you, anything. 
a single word like a single pinprick of light in the night
the word that exists for you, i will 	    hold
					hands	on
					we	long
					fall	as

II. surrender in space/lunares
lets suppose we begin as a point on a plane in a space. we call this point, 'home'
and lets suppose we can translate our bodies into this realm, tesseracting our skin into texture.

lets imagine:
soft ribs of limestone criss-cross 
the rolling dunes of creamy sand, gently dusted in sagebrush. 
windows down, we coast through gritty crest and trough, 
a vast field of dusky roses trailing in our wake.

dainty cacti reach out towards the azure firmament; 
objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.
interlacing petals of quartz open before us, 
leading us deeper and deeper. 

the glittering caverns, covered in rounded stalagmites, 
seem to unfold as we pass, pliable and warm. 
I glance in the rearview mirror.
the summer night is lit up by a first quarter half moon,
refracting into shards of iridescent light as it touches terra firma. 

facets reflect the way, making cinemascope out of cave walls.
hands grasping across the center console
grasp at walls at protrusions at anything and everything
by the moon's blessing the cave is earthy and lush
slick wet rocks meet tenderly tangled vines

when the headlights turn on,
day becomes night and night becomes day
a negative imprinted on my pupils
each star becomes a black point in the milky sky  

III. mooncheese
the list looks like this:
  honey (containing a piece of comb)
  yogurt (favor anyone but plain)
  assorted nuts (honey roasted cashews)

stepping foot past the sliding doors,
i realize my foolishness
a list and a line divide a whole
aisles contain much more as i stroll

three wise women say flowers are for love
pointing to the orange gerbera in my breast pocket
nodding sagely, babys breath and hyacinths
are dropped into my green basket 

now i consider the composite meats
pack of filets of fish complete
the meal i am trying to make
a meal that tastes of exquisite breakbeats
and ballad bellied cutlets 

gravitas giving greater significance
in beverage selection i wander
between spirts and sodas
i settle for water tasting faintly of the sea

the receipt always longer than i expect it to be.
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