you woke the angel

I imagine wearing your body.

slide in side your thighs like a body bag
beating like your heart and wet and dri p    p  i       n       g
   after I shattered your ribcage to get in
I g r o w B I G G E R with the vibrations
my wireframe sings as I rush into your veins
your pleasure is my meat to skewer

and I take a big bite.

I place yourhand over the curves of the body
    that now belongs to me and
         you will moan

the unholy tendrils, writhing against each other as we devour their cores, the pure white milk of magnesia, the same as that of the holyy leaf.

the refraction of the green light is the only pure glow in the backseat of the car because your blues no longer shine.
in the streetlight, the liquid on my hands almost looks like honey.

underneath a palm tree, Jesus wept. He bends over a prone form, huddled on a dirty mattress.

thrust, an ignition starts. I am behind you now, only visible in the rearview mirror. objects in mirror may be closer than they appear.

I am bent over the prone form and I coil my arms around a malleable flesh waist. I squeeze
          until the beds
                  completely red
           glad I'm dead fuckin
worthless Buddha head cracks under the pressure and your guts spill out, splashing bleach all over the mattress. clean at last

I am telling you a story. I am telling it to you exactly how it happened to me. What it means, is up to you.

soI cradle your head, whisper it into your ears and make sure it sticks, awhite Elmer's glue seal, tender as a babe. and You coil around my length, caduceus forevermore.