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welcome to this part of my website where i post longform thoughts i have on various topics! stuff here tends towards the personal, towards media review, towards book thoughts... things of that nature that aren't readily conveyed by illustrations or short status.cafe comments. i also have some samples of my academic writing here since i was proud of it once, although now i do find it a bit embarrassing. there might also be some poetry and reflection. treat this like a sneak peek into my journals - it's maybe all a tad half-baked, but interesting nonetheless since it's part of the broader picture of who i am/what i care about.

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as a funny sidenote, i've had this zonelet set up with this sort of blue porcelain theme for a while now and it's only recently that my bedroom linens match this vibe. it's kind of funny, the things you learn about yourself that you didn't really know before even though to an outside eye it might be obvious that i have a penchant for navy blue mixed with more green, lighter tones of blue in these floral and curled patterns. y'know for the longest time i tried really hard to make myself be an all-pink bedding type of guy cause it felt like i had a point to prove. even though i kind of hated the stripes and the ugly clashing orange and red undertones and how its impossible to match magenta with a baby pink unless you're really really trying. like i had to really like my bedsheets and blankets just because they were pink, because Pink Is My Favorite Color is a rule i live by. but now my room is blue and it brings a much easier type of joy to see than all the other stuff before. this, too, is a transgender allegory.

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