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anxiety is the dizziness of freedom by ted chiang

-ted chiang i love youuu. i need everyone i know to read this and feel the warmth of this story as viscerally as i did. i won't even say anything about it other than that it. it's just so damn tender and loving in a way that's not romantic. but it has this sheer compassion for the human experience. so yeah.

j bearhat on

-cool zines and prose. found this creator ages ago. funny enough they're a part of mammon machine, a patreon collective that also includes aevee bee of We Know the Devil fame. that game happens to be one of my new favorites after my good friend rose introduced it to me. it's funny how the things you love come back to you, one by one. that was a reference to the mountain goats hehe

geostatonary on tumblr

-this one is for the nerds. i'm not into tabletop rpgs because i don't have enough friends, but geostatonary has a lot of works and writing related to nobilis? i assume thats a ttrpg, but even the uninitated such as myself can find the worldbuilding enjoyable. if you're a fan of normalhoroscopes and concept gothic memes, you'll like this one.

north of reality by uel aramchek

-this is one of my top favorites. north of reality is described as an "explorable fiction space" that ran until may of 2019. the author has since moved on to other projects, but i still find it a fun and fascinating collection. i follow uel on twitter and their current stuff slaps too! this one is just in my heart the most though and if you read the listings you'll see why.

you, disappearing by alexandra kleeman

-this short story stuck with me for a long time. loss and the end of all things is hard to cope with, and this one hit hard. give it a read.

the orangutans are skeptical of changes in their cages by u/ZacharyAdams

-i know what you might be thinking. rocky, why are you linking to a reddit nosleep story on your so called good reads list? and well. what can i say? nosleep was pretty good! it's a big subreddit now, but when it was smaller by a tad bit, there were still good stories right? this one. was a mindfuck and i think it deserves to be read by more people. i liked it! for nonredditors, beware! this is a horror story.

in plain sight (drarry fanfic)

-here with a two hit combo! if the reddit link didn't make you doubt my taste, this surely will. a harry potter fanfic? in 2020? AND it's draco x harry? and to that i say. yes! yes with my whole chest! i'm not afraid to indulge myself with nostalgic things and i make no pretenses to purity in consumption. jk rowling is a shitty shitty terf, but this. this fic. look if it wasnt good or didnt speak to something very specific that i desire, would i have bookmarked it who knows how long ago? just give it a try. pleaaaaaaaaase.

the janitor in space by amber sparks

-i must have read this in freshman year, or just before the start of sophomore year. and. well. it's a tasteful short story about the emptiness of space. it's good.

ugly, bitter, and true by suzanne rivecca

-trigger warning for descriptions of suicidal intent and discussion of disordered eating. this is a brutally honest self reflection by rivecca on her mental health and drive towards perfectionism. i felt seen when i read it senior year, and i no longer identify with it as much, but maybe you will. "It took a while for the splintered parts of my mind to reknit and form some kind of foundation. I don’t know how this happens. It’s just a slow, unnoticeable coalescing. At some point, months later, I realized I wasn’t asking myself who or what I was anymore. I just knew."

librarians in the branch library of babel by shaenon k. garrity

-jorge luis borges did the whole library of babel thing first, but the one mistake he made was not making enough of it. so here's an inspired short story. it's been a while since i read it, but im fond of anything that touches upon the idea of the infinite library, especially since we basically look at it every time we use the web.

we men of science by raphael bob-waksberg

-i was going to write a blurb for this short story but i just realized that the author might be the same guy that made bojack horseman, so if that means anything to you. i recommend this story.

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Fairy Tales, Trauma, Writing into Dissociation by sasha lapointe

-trigger warning on this one for mentions of child abuse, specifically in exploring the trauma around sexual abuse. i think any words i have would do this essay an injustice, but. i do recommend this read.

unauthorized bread by cory doctorow

-"a tale of jailbreaking refugees versus IoT appliances". if this novella doesn't reflect your experiences AND it doesn't radicalize you thats like fine i guess but what WILL it take to radicalize you at this point?

you are jeff by richard siken

-sorry not sorry i read tumblr popular poetry but i really like this whole work

jovialtorchlight on tumblr

-jonny bolduc's poetry speaks to me. please support him, he's a really good poet and dawndark was a beautiful collection. buy that shit! support indie writers whenever and wherever you can

mithu sen's poetry

this website un-speaks for itself