11.14.2020 bee poem (sorry for the biological implications i was not as wise back then)

little workers dipping in and out creating the honey we love so much
like the women who knit our lives together, all sugar, a little sting
just like how the bees pollinate our fruits
women bear the fruits of humanity
women propagate our species
women carry our future
labor - what women provide to keep the world spinning
women clean the house
cook the meals
take care of the children
take care of you
got us to the fucking moon
did the fruit of knowledge represent the original sin?
or are women demonized, casted as hornets and yellowjackets
by those who would try and make us little?
the greatest men of our times had a string of winged women at his back, tiny to history
but i still taste their honey on my lips
when men eat the fruit of knowledge we celebrate it,
but what of eve?