11.14.2020 dragon.txt

the dragon as the extension of trauma:

the dragon rests, curled over its hoard of treasures; it has no use for human artifacts and behaviors for it merely seeks to
have what it does not; coveting belongings not for any understandable value but for the simple knowledge that it has it possesses Anything
from possessing nothing, from having nothing and from containing nothing
the dragon curls over the hoard because to have is to be.

does a dragon have a golden goblet because it desires a drink? no. it desires a goblet because it desires to understand thirst, because it understands addiction. it has passed the material into the metaphysical. the thought of drinking wine as the practice because
the dragon lives in dreams. the dragon is in an eternal slumber within itself. the dragon is not the great, ferocious beast of fire-breath and ravaging, the dragon is the churning creature locked forever away in a separate space of impermanence and absolute, total dominion. the dragon moves its artificial reptilian body down and rends not out of malice but because all it knows is the void of total dominion.
the dragon is the sleeping beauty, locked away in eternal slumber in a cavernous, overgrown castle of wealth and prosperity turned meaningless.
the dragon is the kingdom of people, asleep under the tyrannous curse of their weighty monarchs.
the dragon is the cursed fairy, pettiest of all magical creatures, small hearted and powerful beyond words by nature. it enacts effortless cruelty for its short sighted thoughts and seeks meaningless treasures simply because it can.