11.15.2020 wacky date

tw: honestly idk just godawful discord dates

i think this is a very promising debut for me on the internet/app-based dating arena. things are clearly going super great and fantastic for me, not that anyone was doubting that lmao. that was sarcasm. i'm working on it. anyways, i matched with this girl on tinder, because she seemed like a chill person! only 7 miles away, into games, pretty normal photos. not a supermodel, but you know. she seemed like a real person by my standards, someone i could know.

i forgot who messaged first, but she pretty quickly asked for my discord and i'm like phew that i can provide! i hate checking any other messages on any other apps anyways, and so we add each other. set up a game of dead by daylight for thursday. very low maintenance. i like that, my life is a mess rn.

the day comes and...well. first hint was her pepe profile pic, but i like frogs! i like pepe and i'm definitely no right-wing nut. so fine, i give her a pass for that, send her a funny meme back bc that's the kind of person i am. she asks if i have any friends who might want to play, and i've got someone in mind..but i'm like it would be weird to ask a friend for this. good thing i didn't.

i get added to her friend's server, because they're playing together and i'm like fine might as well. at this point, i'd like for you to guess three things: what her server nickname was, what one of her future job prospects is, and about how long it took for someone to drop the n-word. yeah.

so to answer my own question, 1.ching chong (she didn't set it herself. this friend of her's did that.) 2.police academy. 3.not even like 5 minutes.

i don't know who's going to hear this but it's really not cute to like add your potential date/friend to a server call and like in that call? you have to keep telling some dumbass man to shut up just so you can talk. it's definitely not cute if he's shaving his balls the entire time, without mute, and like groaning about it. especially rancid when he drops the n-word about the newest DBD character....and then try to convince said potential friend that it's all jokes. mmm.

to be fair. it wasn't very cool of me to just stay and play a game either but. i am bad at conflict, i'm bad at self respect, i'm bad at standing up for things that should be self evident. whatever. i'm working on it. god.