11.18.2020 ouuaggh

i'm going to be so embarrassed if anyone ever asks me about this ahhh

gay time. gay. time. oh my god oh my god oh my goddddddddddddddddddddddddd you know its bad when u have extensive fantasies about meeting a very friendly wolf in the woods by the beach and its actually a werewolf but in their wolf form you figure out how to communicate w them by saying hey if you can understand me bark five times! and then the excitement of being the special werewolf whisperer and then the wolf leads u into a quiet clearing and you can see the stars at night and hear the roar of the waves and the full moon is shining bright over head and then your cool wolf friend decides to shift into their human form so that y'all can just cuddle but also i would kind of like this cool wolf person to stay as a wolf and then i can lay on top of a cool wolf and not get sand in my boots wouldnt that be romantic and cool