01.26.2023 - Rocky's Epic Horror Recommendations

Challenge: NOT use 'epic' or 'awesome' in a sentence. Challenge 100% failed. Anyways, I've been reading and watching and listening to a lot of horror lately!

Hi everypony ^_^ I've got lots of awesome horror media I've been checking out lately to share! No content warnings below atm because it's late and I have work tomorrow, but it IS horror so... if you have a weak stomach, this might not be the post for you.

Opening screen of the video game Fear and Hunger Miro Haverinen's Fear and Hunger series - VIDEO GAMES

Oh man...what can I even SAY about Funger and Funger 2. Fear and Hunger is a horror dungeon crawler JRPG style game known for being supremely cruel and punishing in its gameplay. Fear and Hunger: Termina, its successor, is a horror mystery JRPG style game ALSO known for being difficult and grueling, but with a different storyline. I watched those Youtubers talk about Fear and Hunger and now I'm obsessed. I keep telling my friend Yana to play and stream it for me, even though it's the kind of game where you die a whole bunch and rage quit. It's awesome, I love it. "You know my heart bleeds for you, shawty, but Legarde is on his sigma grindset right now. I'm gonna need you to go."

Logo of Mayfair Watcher's Society Mayfair Watcher's Society - PODCAST

Based on the art of Trevor "FLESHARTIST" Henderson (the guy who made Sirenhead), this show is centered around the fictional town of Mayfair and all the strange secrets and creatures it harbors. Each episode is standalone and contains different characters in varying situations, from a girl stuck on the wrong bus to teens exploring an abandoned mill. Very minimal on visual horror, very high on situational horror with excellent voice acting. Highly recommend, favorite episode so far is the "The Autopsy."

Midsommar Movie Poster Midsommar - MOVIE

I'll be honest, Midsommar (2019) is not horror to me. Like sure, does it have some gruesome and frightening themes and plot points? Yes. Are most people horrified by what happens? Probably. But ever since I saw that one gif of content-aware-scaling of Dani as she's walking off in tears so that she looks like the Grimace mascot from MaccyDs, I have not known peace. This movie is like my comfort watch now. 10/10. Also you can watch this one high, take it from me.

Cover of Otherside Picnic Vol. 3 Otherside Picnic/Urasekai Picnic - MANGA

Written and illustrated by Miyazawa Iori and Mizuno Eita, Otherside Picnic is about two college students who explore an unknown world of danger and beauty connected to our modern world through urban legends and strange tales. Sorawo and Toriko make for a strange, but fun duo - with the gloomy Sorawo oddly drawn to the bright, but mysterious Toriko. Navigating this world, they make use of surprisingly...adult tools, like guns and tobacco tractors to unlock the mysteries hidden on the other side. I'm not so good at summaries, but I really do like this manga. It's a refreshing read and has a very distinguished approach to horror and to its characters. Support the author and artist when possible!

Cover of Otherside Picnic Vol. 3 The Left/Right Game - REDDIT STORY

The Left/Right Game is one of the best stories to come out of r/nosleep, a subreddit community dedicated to writing short horror stories from the premise that everything that's posted really happened to the poster. The Left/Right game follows the story of Alice Sharma, a journalist covering a purportedly true urban legend. After finding a surprisingly detailed report in the waste pile at work, she agrees to playing the game with the poster, Robert J. Guthard and a few other characters interested in the occult and cryptic. The game is simple - while driving, take consecutive left and right turns to arrive at a strange destination. I can't say much because I don't want to spoil this masterpiece, but I promise it's amazing and also good for people who aren't fans of traditional horror. I don't think there's really any scary monsters or jumpscares, just situations and mysteries that prove fatal. Also comes in podcast form, with TESSA THOMPSON as the voice actor for Alice!

Will add more when I can!