04.13.24 - reviewing my morning pages

activity from chapter 9 of the artist's way by julia cameron

hello! i'm really fond of that word. i'm really fond of the humble greeting. i like to wave hello to my friends and family in the middle of conversations, in the middle of hang outs, when greetings are not needed. i just think it's a nice gesture, it shows someone that yes, i'm still here and engaged, and i'm still excited to see you. when in doubt, say hello again!

this is going to be one of those entries that serve as note taking more than as a complete piece. still, i'd like to have this here because i've been dying to express what i've gleaned from the artist's way in a more practical manner. the morning pages activity is really powerful, even necessary. cameron's rules are simple. morning pages are 3 pages you write in a journal, for yourself, every morning. you don't read back at them, you don't edit them, you don't dwell on them. you just keep your pen moving, every morning without stop until 3 pages are filled out. now, even with these guidelines, i like to play a little loose and fast. my rules for the morning pages are that you write 3 pages or whatever you can, at any time of day you can fit it in. as long as you Strive To Write 3 Pages a day, you're playing the game. i had to do this, cause otherwise it would be too demoralizing how bad i am at following the rules and i'm trying to teach myself it's okay to need accessibility aids in learning something new.

with that really long explanation out of the way, i'm going to do a little breakdown of my morning pages below. i've already made it 71% of the way through the book, and have been trying to follow with the readings and some activities every week. i'm on week 9 now and one of the activities is to read these pages i have previously not thought twice about and make two lists - one of insights, and another on actions needed. this is going to be really boring and painful and honestly embarrassing for me, but in pairing it with a zonelets update, i've made a little sweet treat for myself. if i do this, then i get to have another journal entry on my website! and that means i'll have successfully tended to my digital garden. win!




this is embarrassing to admit but these are the insights from just january alone. wow. its a little tiresome to do this activity. i'll add to this list later.