epic jams for awesome yams

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here's some really good music, labeled by the genres i have listed below!
general | vibeful | electronica | simpy emo | chinese | japanese | clown

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shunrai by kenshi yonezu
funky man do a funky dance

serial experiments lain OP
i just finished marathon watching SEL and i swear to god i have never wanted a 14 year old anime girl to find happiness and love and joy more than i have for lain NEVER. also your neurodivergent teen girl looks gnc af. she looks lesbian af.

let's get married by the bleachers; covered by mitski
i cannot believe. that mitski invented love. the original song is pretty good, but this is just...so soft and tender and i want to cry. i wanna get married whenever i listen to this song and not just for economic purposes, but like. for love or something. god. i'm yearning. mitski i love you....

that's my bender by guang cui
thats my gender thats my gender chicken curry and you put it in a blender thats my gender that's my thats my gender

temporary secretary by paul mccartney
look. i don't have any justifications for myself. but i swear its so hypnotically bad that its good. actually, my justification is that i associate it with some cool new friends so shut your up.

BL by queen bee (女王蜂 - bl)
she.....im in love w the lead singer here from the band 女王蜂 and yeah. this is a good version of the song, this is an awesome outfit. i'm gay. i'm in lesbians with her. and also the rest of the band. her little sister is also in the band and is also cute. check them out!!!

制水歌 by Sam Hui(許冠傑)
here's some culture for all the kids out there. i picked up my penchant for sam hui's music from my mom and dad; after my dad died i kind of just started pretending this dude was my dad in my brain. song's about a water catastrophe in HK like in the 60's? it's also a clown song cause i used to play it all the time during dinner.

the dawn that gxd misplaced by helena ruth ft. psithurist
this lovely song only falls under emo because i don't have a fansongs tag. or a filk tag. which might be a mistake, i listen to a lot of bad indie. anyways emo here just means the song would fall into like lower saturation in terms of vibes.

七里香 by jay chou (周杰倫)
ahh jay chou, my taiwanese pop king... i only like his old stuff though cause i'm build different (diasporic). this one's at the top of my spotify on repeat playlist as of 12.28.2020 lmao

carpool tunnel's day off by the cultbusters
i guess this band is genuinely slept on or like legitimately indie because there isn't even a youtube channel for them that isnt the topic one. anyways a good friend of mine put this in a playlist for me and i genuinely love the song so much. thanks my vibeful king, you are so cool.

bestial burden by pharmakon
didn't seem right to leave this one out since it's the icon for the menu listing. but i only recommend this 6 minute industrial screamfest if you're really in your edgiest feels. ya know? like. if you don't belong here, but like here is just existence and you feel like a kitty horrorshow game. that's the mood this song has.

china beach by laura jane grace & the devouring mothers
i don't know much about rock, but laura jane grace is my rock mom. transgender dysphoria blues is my favorite against me! album, and also just one of my faves in general. this song is also an absolute banger. Get up, get up, get up! Do it again.

cadillac by foster the people
if i had to couple this to another song, i would pick maybe andromeda by the gorillaz. got this far out, neon vibe. this one's more neon and leans into the road trip aesthetic more though.I just wanna take you for a ride through my dreams at night..

sophie livestream heav3n suspended
...okay so this thing is 20 minutes long and actually multiple songs, but i do NOT know how to discern where one song ends and another begins, but that's okay because this is one amazing experience, but i dont think the visuals are friendly for those with epilepsy so beware! sophie is a goddess

antebellum by vienna teng
vienna teng's soothing siren songs always make me feel some type of way!!! i love her voice, i love her music, i love this one a lot. i sing this in the shower and cry about the inevitability of hurting those you love. oh how i could make you bleed..keep the weapons down, keep the wounded safe