major arcana:

deck pictured: pride tarot, a collaborative deck from US Game Systems

you are represented by the following major arcana card today:

the fool, contrary to the colloquial use of the word, represents innocence and new beginnings, a chance to start anew. it is not representative of stupidity or a lack of intelligence, but rather optimism and hope. these concepts, especially in the current climate, require strength like never before. they are a hiker, beginning a journey, side by side with their dog.

here, the magician of traditional tarot takes the form of a nahual, a mexican witch or sorcerer. they hold the four elements of the four suits; the wand , the cup, the pentacle, and the sword, for they have control over all of the necessary elements to manifest their intentions. they stand on a cliff face overlooking a village, for they are between the heavesns and the earth, and have access to both. they move through the world of the spirit and the world of men, and have found wisdom and knowledge.

you possess all the intuition you need in making your biggest decisions. have faith in yourself, and listen to your inner voice. let go of insecurities that keep you from experiencing all the love and magic that life has to offer. you're being called to awaken your inner knowledge and vast inner power. my energy is here to guide you in conquering your fears as you grow even more fully into the courageous person you're meant to be.

minor arcana coming soon:

in progress

check back soon