>dress the dog in the green shirt. she's coming with you, and she's got to be stylish!

okay, well. you're not exactly the type to dress to the nines while adventuring and you're not sure if anyone would, really. while the good girl here certainly retains her charm, this shirt is far from stylish. you can see her little doggie brows furrow in confusion, but she seems fine with being dressed in this manner.
it seems a little silly, but you can see the sun setting and you don't want the dog getting cold, alright? you're sure she's managed just fine on her own, and something tells you that this meadow belongs to her, but still. it's the thought that counts. and you've just reminded yourself, it's probably time to set up camp.

what will you do?

rummage inside your rucksack (which you were using as a pillow).