>wrap the dog with the plaid scarf you are wearing. it's the closest thing to a collar that you have.

now this! this is a fabulous fit. something about this wondrous canine makes you want to go into poetics. the way the scarf just brings out her warm brown eyes, the curve of her precious face tucked right into the soft cotton...something about her demeanor right now lets you know that she likes this as much as you do. +1 mochipoint!
you feel a gentle presence in your mind, suddenly affirming you that this dog cares about you and considers you to be a friend. your heart fills with warmth and you're absolutely certain you know the name of this pup. but before we do anything about that, it's probably time to set up camp.

what will you do?

rummage inside your rucksack (which you were using as a pillow).