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THIS ONE IS THE BEST - it's a list of mental health resources for LGBT people living in LA. made with the support of my friend James, who provided me with some of the links and orgz you see here. Check their shit out at infinitesimally!
my long unfinished tarot card of the day generator. so far i've got the major arcana in there, but with no explanatory blurb and the page takes forever to load cause i used some massive images. will rework when i have time this summer maybe
yet another half-baked page project :'). im sensing a theme here. anyways there's some good songs i recommend inside of a silly little nintendo switch lite. check it out, but i promise i have better taste than the stuff thats up ok, thats not even like. half of it.
take these cool transparent pngs. take them and run!!!! also sidenote before you even click this one, i just realized the text on this page almost implies that she's like dead or something. i promise she's fine, i didnt just randomly kill off my sister for the narrative or anything. she just doesnt do that stuff anymore because she plays genshin now cringe
half-abandoned text adventure where you explore an unfinished world with my friend's dog, mochi. for catherine. love you queen, youre my favorite hetero