Site Maintenance


01.03.2024: New journal entry is up! It's a new year's post - I do a little reflecting on the past year and a tarot pull for what 2024 will bring. Honestly, most of my tarot messages are for me, but I hope someone else gets a kick out of it or hopefully feels seen!

11.22.2023: NEW ZINE is up!

10.17.2023: LA LGBT Mental Health Resources page updated with more links!

08.31.2023: New journal entry about making art and what I've been up to lately :D

08.28.2023: FINALLY updated my visual media page. Please click the tabs and check out my art, I'm actually proud of these!

07.15.2023: I'M OVERHAULING A LOT OF SHIT BABEY WOOHOO; got a changelog, got a new guestbook...I'm going hogwild. Also, new journal entry about regrets and just a general update about where I've been.

07.06.2023: I MADE A SITE MAP!!! WOOO! Click here!

05.15.2023: CHECK OUT MY NEW NEIGHBORS PAGE!!! OYAA!! It's a bunch of GIFs I 3d modeled using Paint 3D and animated by my GF to spin like Minecraft drops. You can find that here!

04.09.2023: Updated my horror recommendations and added a new journal listicle about Tiktokers that I think are worth watching/paying attention to. You can find that here!

03.24.2023: Added a status cafe widget! ^_^ Now you can see my occasional thoughts.

01.21.2023: LA LGBT Mental Health Resources page is now live!!! I'll try my best to add more resources as I get them, but I'm pretty happy with it for now. Please check it out and show your friends and loved ones if they're in need.

12.29.2022: New journal post about seasonal topics, like new year's resolutions and disillusionment with christmas.Read at the link! Also major changes made to my music recommendations page, but it's still a WIP so....

11.15.2022: Nixed the about page and made it a collapsible. Socials updated - thank you Brian!

11.13.2022: I FINALLY updated my neighbors page - I'm much happier with the design. Please check out the stuff my awesome friends do on the internet!

09.11.2022: Back from a long break. New paper here plus an addition to the dreamscape. Let me know what you think!

07.01.2022: New landing page design! Check out my new logo and pastel color scheme! Hope y'all enjoy.